General Questions

WIZZO is the only app where you can find quality games to download and get rewarded for playing them at the same time!
WIZZO is free to download and so are all the games included in WIZZO. Every time you install and play a game you get rewarded with points in the WIZZO app and the top scorers of the week win valuable prizes!

We offer the best selection of games covering all categories. Our recommendation engine ensures that you are always provided with games that you will find interesting and fun to play!

Go to and click on the download link. Alternatively, just search for “WIZZO” on Google Play. Blackberry and Windows phone devices are not supported. Apple users stay tuned, WIZZO for iOS is coming soon!

Yes! You can download it for free from any country.

No, WIZZO is 100% free to download and use. All games in WIZZO are free to install as well.

You can installand play games for free. Some games offer in-app purchases, however no purchase is necessary to win.

Yes you need to be connected in order to browse games, the leaderboard and other features in the WIZZO app.
Most games you download from WIZZO allow you to play the game in offline mode however in order for your profile to be updated with points you won from installing the game, playing it you need to connect to the internet.

Registration is mandatory in order to use the WIZZO app. You can either connect through your Facebook account, or register by entering your email address.
We highly recommend you connect through Facebook so you can compete with your friends who use WIZZO and earn more points for inviting people to download WIZZO!

By signing in through Facebook, you will have the chance to invite your friends to WIZZO, compete against them on the leaderboard, see their performance, and share your achievements. You will also get a unique personalized experience through the WIZZO app, and get unique recommendations about the type of games you really enjoy the most.

No, WIZZO is 100% free to download and use. All games in WIZZO are free to install as well.

We are asking for these permissions so that you can have a unique personalized experience through WIZZO app, and get unique recommendations about the type of games you really enjoy the most.

Points, Leaderboards and Prizes

Prizes are rewarded to the top players of the weekly global leaderboard. It means that the players with the most points at the end of each week win!

  • Creating a WIZZO account by either signing in through Facebook, registering with a valid email address or logging in as a guest
  • Downloading and playing any game from WIZZO for at least 30 seconds and only if the 1st installation happened through WIZZO
  • Completing an action in games when icon is active
  • Unlocking a game achievement when icon is active
  • Claiming the Daily Bonus
  • Completing Daily Quests

The amount of points is subject to change without prior notice or announcement to End Users. The "How to win points" section of the WIZZO app always has the latest point configuration available for reference.

If you installed the game directly from Google Play and not via the WIZZO app, then WIZZO cannot reward you with points for the install. In order for you to collect points for the install, you must always install games through WIZZO, which will redirect you to the Store. Also note that you need to launch the game once and spend at least 30 seconds in it so we can reward you with points.

No. Once you install a game, you cannot collect more points for uninstalling/re-installing it.

Not all games offer point rewards for spending time in them. Next to each game, you can see different icons for actions that get rewarded with points. If the icon is greyed out, it means that there are no rewards for that action.

Next to each game, you can see different icons for actions that get rewarded with points. If the icon is greyed out, it means that there are no rewards for that action. Check out the “How to collect points” section of the WIZZO app for more help.

You didn’t lose your points! To keep the game fair for all players, all the players’ points at the end of the week are reset to zero. That way everybody starts off fresh at the beginning of the week!

Every Saturday at 23:59 KSA time, the players with the most points are the winners of the weekly prizes. That’s also when the leaderboard gets reset for everybody.

In the event there is a tie in points among two or more players, the player who collected that amount of points first will win the prize(s).

You can find the latest prizes offered in the Prizes section of the WIZZO app or visit to view the full selection.

Make sure you enter a valid phone number in the profile section first of all! If you win and meet the eligibility requirements, someone from the WIZZO team will contact you.

No, unfortunately cash alternatives are not available.

Errors, Notifications and Technical Questions

WIZZO is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 2.3 and above.

WIZZO will be compatible with iPhone devices running iOS 6 and above.

No unfortunately not. Currently registration and sign in is limited to one device only.

You cannot use the same profile on more than one device.

Most probably you are trying to login to WIZZO using Facebook through another device. WIZZO currently does not support switching devices.

Yes on certain Android tablets but remember you can only sign in on one device.

WIZZO is not related nor controls notifications you receive from games installed via WIZZO. Please check the settings inside the game to disable or limit game notifications.

Some games require minimum hardware and/or software requirements to be installed. It seems that your device does not meet those requirements to install and play that game. Unfortunately, WIZZO cannot influence the compatibility of each game.

If there is a game on WIZZO that you have already installed on your phone, you will continue to collect points for actions in the game but you won’t be able to collect points for the install though.

Make sure you have updated the game with latest version from the Store so we can connect any game actions you perform and reward you with points!

Unfortunately, the WIZZO team cannot help you on that front. Please contact the game developer for troubleshooting the issue you are facing, if that doesn’t work, send us an email to and we will try and help out!

First of all please check if you are connected to the internet or if you are facing network connectivity issues. In case the problem persists, please follow these steps. (1) On your Android device Settings go to More tab -> Application Manager. (b) Find the WIZZO app and tap on it. (c) Then tap on Clear Data and select OK on the prompt. If this does not resolve your issue or if you are an iOS user, try to uninstall and reinstall the WIZZO app.

Go to your Profile -> Edit. Then tap on the country and select the one you would like.

Unfortunately not but that’s a neat idea, we will start working on that!

Unfortunately not but that’s also a great idea!

You probably registered using your email address and not Facebook. To unlock the friends section and compete with your friends, please connect through Facebook.

Yes, you can invite all of your Facebook friends and be rewarded with points when they accept your invitation.

Great idea we will get right on it!

Just go to the settings area and click on the Contact Us link, we would love to hear from you!

Tickets, Daily Bonus and Daily Quests

Tickets are a new way to win exclusive prizes outside the leaderboard! One ticket is one chance in the monthly draw where one lucky winner will be selected for the big prize. There is no deadline to enter, the more tickets you collect the more chances to be the monthly winner.

Collect tickets every day through the daily bonus or by completing daily quests. You can check your tickets every day in your profile.

Tickets expire in the monthly draw participation (end of every month) and every month a new prize and a new draw will await you!

Daily Bonus gives you the opportunity to win extra points and extra tickets that will bring you closer to the weekly and monthly prizes, just by coming back to WIZZO every day. Points expire every week and tickets at the end of every month.

Every day you claim your bonus, points and tickets increase! 7 steps = 7 rewards, bigger every day. Claim your daily bonus to compete at a better place on the leaderboard and secure more chances in the monthly draw.

Check the home page every day to claim your Daily Bonus!

Daily Quests are new daily actions to help you collect more points and tickets. Every day, a set of actions will be available for you to complete in order to gather more points and increase your leaderboard ranking, or collect tickets that will give you more chances to win the monthly prize.

If you complete the Daily Quest, you will be rewarded right away with extra points or extra tickets. Available actions will include, game downloads, friend invitations and in game event completion.

Daily quests can be found in the banner area of the home page!