is the leading gaming & social app in the MENA region! Through WIZZO, gamers connect and interact with each other, discover new games, watch and upload videos! That’s not all, apart from being totally FREE, by uploading gaming videos, users can even win REAL PRIZES!

We offer the best selection of games covering all categories. Our recommendation engine ensures to always provide you with games that you will find interesting and fun to play!

Go to and choose the download link depending on your OS. Otherwise just search for “WIZZO” either on Google Play or the App Store. Blackberry and Windows phone devices are not supported.

Yes! You can download it for free from any country.

No, WIZZO is 100% free to download and use. All games in WIZZO are free to install as well.

You can download and play games for free. Some games offer in-app purchases; however, no purchase is necessary to win.

Yes, you need to be connected to the internet in order to browse videos, games and other features in the WIZZO app.

Registration is mandatory in order to use the WIZZO app. You can either connect your Facebook account, or register by entering your email address.

We highly recommend you connect through Facebook!

By signing in through Facebook, you will have the chance to connect with your friends who use WIZZO, see their performance, and share your achievements. You will also get a unique personalized experience through the WIZZO app, and get unique recommendations about the videos and games. On top of that, you will win free tickets for connecting your WIZZO account to Facebook.

No, WIZZO will never post anything to your Facebook account without your permission.

We are asking for these permissions so that you can have a unique personalized experience through the WIZZO app, and get unique recommendations on videos and games you really enjoy the most.

Tickets, Daily Lucky Box & Prizes

Prizes are rewarded every week by Draw. To compete in a draw, you must have earned at least one ticket during the week of the contest. One ticket is one chance in the weekly draw where lucky winners will be selected to win the prizes. The more tickets you collect the more chances to be among weekly winner. 

Tickets can be earned in the following ways:                           

  • Uploading a video that is approved by the WIZZO team.
  • Opening the Daily Lucky Box
  • Connecting with Facebook (the first time)

The amount of tickets is subject to change without prior notice or announcement to End                  Users. The “How to win tickets” section of the WIZZO app always has the latest ticket configuration available for reference.

Tickets expire every week, on Saturday 23:59 KSA.

The Daily Lucky Bonus gives you the opportunity to win extra tickets that will increase your chances in the weekly draw, just by coming back to WIZZO every day.

The Daily Lucky Box can be found in the menu of the app. Check the WIZZO app every day to open your Daily Lucky Box!

Downloading games does not reward users with tickets. To win tickets you can upload videos showing your gameplay from these games.

You didn’t lose your tickets! To keep the draws fair for all players, everybody’s tickets are reset to zero at the end of the week. That way everybody starts off fresh at the beginning of the week!

Every Saturday at 23:59 KSA time, a random draw selects the winners, where each ticket counts for a chance in the draw. That’s also when the tickets get reset to zero for everybody.

You can find the latest prizes offered in the Prizes section of the WIZZO app.

No, unfortunately cash alternatives are not available.


WIZZO is compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 4.2.0 and above.

WIZZO will be compatible with iPhone devices running iOS 8 and above.

No. Although you can log on to two different devices. Both of your devices, regardless of OS, will be automatically connected under the same unique user ID.

You can use as many devices as you want to lock in to WIZZO but there are some conditions:

  1. You can only have 2 active devices at a time.
  2. You can switch any of these 2 devices with another device, once per week..

No. In the case were you merge 2 accounts (example: A guest user account to a Facebook user account) the merged account will keep the amount of tickets of the account with the most tickets.

No, once you select Facebook registration you cannot switch to email registration. But this is better! You can compete with your friends!


Yes, WIZZO is available on most tablets.

WIZZO is not related nor controls notifications you receive from games downloaded from WIZZO. Please check the settings inside the game to disable or limit game notifications.

Some games require minimum hardware and/or software requirements to be installed. It seems that your device does not meet those requirements to install and play that game. Unfortunately, WIZZO cannot influence the compatibility of each game.

There is not much the WIZZO team can do for you unfortunately, please contact the game developer for troubleshooting the issue you are facing, if that doesn’t work send us an email to and we will try and help out!

First, please check that you are connected to the internet and that you are not facing network connectivity issues. In case the problem persists, please follow these steps. (1) On your Android device Settings go to More tab -> Application Manager. (b) Find the WIZZO app and tap on it. (c) Then tap on Clear Data and select OK on the prompt. If this does not resolve your issue or if you are an iOS user, try to uninstall and reinstall the WIZZO app.

Go to your Profile -> Edit. Then tap on the country and select the one you would like.

You probably registered using your email address and not Facebook. To unlock the friends section and compete with your friends please connect to Facebook.

Yes, you can meet and chat with gamers through WIZZO! Just go to the Chat section and start socializing! More chat features are coming soon!

You can send a chat request through the profile of a user you want to chat with or by tapping on the chat request tab in the chat section of the WIZZO app.

Yes, you can. Tap on the menu on the top right when chatting with someone, and choose the desired option.

Videos & Uploading

There are many ways to upload a video.

  • Tap on the floating upload button on the Homepage of WIZZO > Choose the upload a video from library option > Select the video you want to upload > fill in the information in the video submission form
  • Tap on the floating upload button on the Homepage of WIZZO > Choose the record screen option > You will start recording your screen, once you are done you will be redirected to a) your photo library to choose your recording (iOS) or b) to the Video Submission form to fill in the required information (Android)
  • Open your video library > choose the video you would like to upload > you will find the WIZZO app as a sharing option. Tap on the WIZZO app and you will be redirected to the video submission form, where you will have to fill some information about your video.

Note: Once you upload a video, it will not appear directly on the WIZZO app as it has to pass through our approval process first.

The video submission form is the page where you fill in basic information about your video in order for our team to classify it and for other users to be able to find it easily.

For your video to appear in the WIZZO app it must pass the approval process. We try to approve the video as soon as possible but in some cases it could take a few days. You can check the status of your video by going to your profile > Edit > Edit Videos Tab.

WIZZO is a platform for users to share videos related to gaming. Any other kind of video will be rejected. Also in order to maintain quality content for our users, gaming videos which have inappropriate content or language or are of very low quality will be rejected.

No, a video can’t be saved on your device, nevertheless you can always find it in the video section of the WIZZO app under its respective category.

Yes, each video has a respective sharing button that will allow you to send the video to a friend or share it on social media.

Coming soon!

No, at the moment only WIZZO can share livestream videos but you will have the ability to livestream your own videos in the future.

Just go to the settings area and click on the Contact Us link, we would love to hear from you!

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